X The Forest of Dreams X

In the blackest of night i trudge to find these dark and fearful screams, My mind in a spin, how to begin, The trail to the Forest of Dreams. The search continues into the night until i find a clue, Then hopes are crushed from a wind thats shushed, By a creature thats followed me through. A world away my open heart It pours away like sand, To find my path on this journey's wrath, A footstep to the promised land. The vultures circle above me now Awaiting for my end, Blood curdled spit of the ravenous wit, In the claws of the beast condemned. Now fate has chosen to join the search To put us on the right track, The roots been seen of a tangled dream, Theres no time to turn and look back. The hunt is on to find our haven To follow on and chase, With the creature behind and intent to find, This magical and elusive place. The twisted branches overhead With teasing outstreched arms, The end is in sight with the closing of night, Silence consumes me and calms. The journey now over as i reach my goal And step into the sun, Just as stride away, the trees do play, Then im right back to where i begun. My mind a blank the moment i wake Just the echos inside my head, All i can hear are the dark screams of fear, And voices that fill me with dread. I open my eyes all fuzzy and confused But all was not what it seemed, The creature was there, with a mocking stare, Was it real that Forest i Dreamed?.......

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