Your Love Style, According to Your Fave Disney Flick

I keep seeing these posts about "What your favorite childhood movie says about your relationship style" or "what you favorite disney prince says about your ideal boyfriend." And since I'm a total disney maniac, too, I thought I'd make my own version!

So, here it is!! What your favorite disney movie says about how you fall in love :)


You haven't had many experiences (good or bad) in love, so you find yourself able to go with the flow and make the best of every problem that occurs better than some others. While this is usually a good thing, it can also get kind of annoying to those around you if you're too happy all the time! Don't worry, they'll come around.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Though your friends try to protect you and warn you against it, you're a total hopeless romantic! You find yourself dreaming of the perfect love, and just know that you'll find it someday. Your style is dreamy and lovey-dovey all the time!


While others may laugh about it, you know that love at first sight is no joke, and if there isn't an instant connection with someone, they're not the one for you. While this might make dating a little hard (I mean, how many instant connections does one get?!), you know that your prince will come!

Peter Pan

Rather than looking for the perfect lover, you're looking for the perfect person to escape and goof off with! You might not be in many serious relationships, but you know how to have fun with your dates, and you both have a great time because of it. It's okay to be a little goofy and to live while you're young....after all, you won't be young forever!!

Alice in Wonderland

Let me put this simply: you're always looking for something a little bit strange. That's not a bad thing, but your friends might wonder why you're attracted to the guy with the beard-that's-just-too-long or why you agreed to go on a blind dinner date (where you're actually blindfolded!) Fact of the matter is you are curious about things that are just a little strange.


Call this one cliche, but you value honesty!! You know that people lie and you do it, too, but you've found that the best relationships you've had have all been built on the truth, so you try to be very upfront with every person you start dating. Some people find this intimidating, but the right person will understand.


You don't think anything (or anyone) is out of your league if they're the right person....and good for you for it! Some people get caught up thinking "oh, he's too rich," or "oh, she's too pretty to look at me" and you tell them they're totally wrong! What's wrong with being confident that it is personality and experience, not looks or money, that create true love? Nothing! (though, having a genie to help others see that would be nice...)

Lady and the Tramp

You don't know why, but you've always been a little attracted to the bad boy (or girl!) type. Your friends think you're nuts for always picking the guy with baggage, or the guy who clearly has some emotional stuff going on, or the guy who doesn't seems....of, but you know that those things don't mean anything, and that you may play a part in helping that person find themselves, as you find yourself!!

The Jungle Book

To put it simply, you're a total caregiver. You after often the mom among your friends, and if you're not careful your S.O. will end up feeling treated like a child, too. Remember: not everyone is a lost or broken soul in need of love and nurturing!! The people you do date, though, will always feel comfortable and safe with you.


You want someone who will argue with you, when necessary. You want someone who will respect your opinions, but also be willing to give theirs even if it might upset you or disagree with yours. You want someone who, when it comes time to do so, will stand up for what they believe in! And, you want someone who will love all those things about you, too.

Oliver & Company

It's all about trust!! You may be a little jaded when it comes to dating, so it takes you awhile to warm up to someone new and to decide if they are truly worth it. Once you decide they are, though, you are fiercely trustworthy and loyal to them! It's a big turn on to you if you see that the person you're into is very protective and loyal to those around them as well.


Popularity has always come easy to you. You've never wanted for friends or dates, but it all still feels somewhat superficial to you. You can't help but want someone to pay a little more attention to you, not everything you have, if that makes sense. In good times and bad, you want someone who understands you on a deeper level.


Let's just say you're into the unknown. You can’t resist the dangerous type. When someone is completely mysterious and foreign to you or someone who makes you feel nervous and giddy and alive all at the same time, you start falling even deeper....


You've always thought you're a little goofy and into some less than mainstream things, but it's made your life pretty fun. You're looking for someone who also knows how to get outside the norm and enjoy the new things that can be appreciated that ways. I mean, who knows what will happen, right?

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

You're attracted to those that can teach you, and thrive in relationships where you can teach them, too. In a relationship of mutual knowledge sharing, what's not to be loved? Just like Kida and Milo shared their cultures with each other, you want to be in a relationship that actually exchanges something.

Lilo & Stitch

You love your family, and there's no way you'll date anyone who won't get along with them, too. So, you make a big deal about getting your dates over to your parents asap (not too early, but early enough!) and expect to meet theirs, too. After all, if family is going to be a big part of your life, shouldn't they be involved?

The Little Mermaid

When it comes to who you're in love with, you don't think that's anybody's business but your own! You have a tendency to not heed your friends or families advice or opinions when it comes to that guy you've got a crush on (for better or worse). You're more focused on making it happen with that person, and about feeling alive & excited while falling for them!

The Princess and the Frog

As someone who works hard in their own life, you want to find someone that also knows how to work hard! This doesn't mean they don't know how to have fun (because you sure do) but you tend to fall for those that you know you can rely on to be their own person while also being with you. Cool, right?

Beauty and the Beast

You're a bit idealistic in your idea of romance, which means you want a guy that seems like he walked out of the pages of one of your favorite novels. This doesn't mean you're overly idealistic, but more that you can see the possibilities in anyone you meet, provided they don't hate your favorite author. You're also a bit of a romantic who appreciates big efforts (and little ones) on the part of another to show you just what you mean to them!

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