Summer Essential: No-Heat Curling Methods

Save yourself some time from browsing the web for no-heat curls. I compiled a list of tried and true no-heat curling method for you to this summer. If you've been thinking to take a little break from your curling barrel or flat iron, now is the time! Most of these methods require your patience. Also, results may vary depending on your hair type and condition.

This is a pretty unique method to get define curls. To avoid getting a weird dent from the ponytail I recommend using a fat scrunch to tie your hair.


If you're into the big, sexy and voluminous curls this is the trick! If you want a soft natural curl result, skip the hair products and try it on clean hair. If you have really frizzy hair, this might not work for you.

If you have short hair, this is a simple method to get gorgeous waves.

Have you tried any of these methods? How did it turn out?

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