Hello Again, Everyone!!

It's been a while (oops, sorry!!) but I should be online more now! I was finishing up some work + friends' weddings (plural...) + organizing a family trip, and finally I have free time again. Ahh....

so now it's time to hike! I'm getting into this season of hiking way later than planned but what can you do?

In scouting for more places I want to hike (and the list is LONG), I came across this fun video of a couple and their dog hiking at Melakwa Lake in Washington, so I think that Washington is going to be my next destination after all. There's a ton of trails there worth seeing, and I want to go (even if I wont't get the same POV as this cute pooch..@trevorgoldley you might like this guy!)

Anyways, hope you all have been hiking a lot!! What have you been doing?! Let me know!!

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