Ballet-inspired style

Tutus. Blush colors. High buns. Flowy skirts. It's all part of the world of ballet. But ballet fashion doesn't just belong in the world of barre and pirouettes. Ballet fashion can easily be incorporated into everyday style. Here are some ways you can feel like a ballerina with your style, even if you have never heard of Baryshnikov (the famous Russian ballet dancer).

High buns

High buns, also known as ballerina buns, are a great way to incorporate a little ballet style into your look. High buns are also great as a second-day hairstyle or if it is really hot outside and you want to stay cool in fashion.

bun maker

Ballet pink


Ballet flats

ballet flatsballet flats with the ankle straps



Just because you don't spend hours working on one ballet move doesn't mean you can't wear ballet-inspired pieces of clothing.

Let your inner ballerina come out!

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