5 Ways To Be More Productive

When laziness strikes, not to fear! Here are 5 ways to get more productive this June.

1. Write everything down!

Whether in a physical planner, the notepad on your phone or even a dry erase board, this is my number one tip for keeping productive and organized. If you can see your tasks in front of you, there is no reason you can't get them done.

2. Keep an organized work space

When things get sloppy, so does your work. If you keep a clean and organized space your life will fall into place.

3. Put a Routine in Motion

morning routine

4. Work in short spurts

Working for too long can lead to sloppiness and fatigue. In order to keep your work sharp and your day productive, take frequent breaks. These are necessary especially if you work in an office or somewhere where you are sedentary for most of the day. For every 90 minutes, take 20 minutes off.

5. Forget about perfection

If you spend too much time working towards perfection you'll lose all spontaneity and joy in your work. Get things done. The ultimate goal of any job should be a. completion and b. great work. Perfection may be unattainable, but success and improvement is not!

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