Blondes Have More Fun: Five Celebs Who Make Blonde Look Good

Blonde is the new black -- or at least that's what the media says. It's pretty obvious that blondes tend to have more fun because celebrities are dyeing their tresses platinum left and right and it looks amazing. I'll admit, I've contemplated going blonde a time or two myself and let's just say a few celebs in particular make it way too convincing. Blonde is a color that can totally be pulled off by anyone, if done in a correct manner. You've probably thought about it once, maybe even twice and chickened out, but these five looks make extremely it apparent that being a blonde bombshell is pretty amazing!

Blondie #1: Kim Kardashian

A lot of people were iffy when it came to Kim going blonde, but can I just say that I was obsessed. It took some getting used to, but I mean -- can Kim do any wrong? ever? Of course not. Although this look was short lived, going blonde was one of best decisions Kim Kardashian ever made. It gave her that little bit of sophistication she needed, like a true boss!

Blondie #2: Gwen Stefani

Gwen has been true to the blonde game for awhile now and it has never failed her. She makes blonde hair look amazing. Honestly, what would Gwen even look like without the blonde hair? The world will never know.

Blondie #3: Lena Dunham

Oh, Lena! It's clear that her quirky attitude and ever changing appearance makes the world fall in love with her as a blonde even morn. She makes the bowl cut and the blonde hair an amazing team. We loved her as a brunette, but we can all see that blonde is definitely her color.

Blondie #4: Scarlett Johansson

When you hear 'blonde bombshell', you should immediately think Scarlett. As if she wasn't gorgeous before her blonde tresses, she makes blonde look heavenly.

Blondie #5: Miley Cyrus

I guess you could say, I kind of saved the best for last. Who else to go blonde or go home than Miley Cyrus herself. If you thought she went bold when she chopped off her hair, her platinum blonde hair do' is definitely a game changer. It's safe to say, she hit a home run with this look.

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