DIY Handmade Flowers

What you need: One silk flower Beading Needle plus thread Pearls or beads for your flower's center A ruler Scissors Hair clips, head band or hair comb to attach it to, whichever you prefer(or if you want to make this project extra easy you can use a glue gun for each step) Steps: 1) You can always use your scissors to trim the petals to your desired dimensions! 2) Line up all the petals and pin them together. I put one strand of thread through the needle so that there are two tails of thread. Start the needle underneath of the petals and push the needle through to the front at about the center of the flower. String one bead on and then push the needle back through the petals to the backside. 3) Tie the threads together in the back to secure the bead on the front and then continue to sew more beads onto the flower. I only intended to put three beads on the center but I like to feel it out and see what looks best as I go. I ended up with what you like for your own flower! You could even attach a brooch or fancy earring in the center if you don't want to hand sew beads. 4) When you are finished beading your flower tie off the ends in the back and then tie it to a hair clip. The thing I like about the hair clips I used is that they are secure in your hair but work great for attaching to a belt or a plain clutch or handbag or even a dress. Source:

Currently residing in Seoul for work, a definite fan of korean entertainment and dramas! My interest is in DIY because I enjoy doing things myself and would like to make friends with people of the same interest as me! :)
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