The Soundtrack to Life - Bollywood Edition

When I first saw the No-Kpop playlist challenge, I wasn't sure if I'd have enough songs to share. But then I realized I was completely forgetting Bollywood music! While I'm not super up-to-date with it, there are some songs I absolutely love and would like to share them with you guys!

I love how upbeat this song is and the festival that they are celebrating (Holi - The festival of colors).

This is the best dance song ever! And I love all their dresses in the MV!

Another upbeat dance song with some of my favorite actors! ^_^

Awesome pop song from one of my favorite movies of all time!

Definitely a much slower song, but Atif Aslam is my favorite singer ever!

Another amazing song from Atif!

This is actually a remake of an old song in a recent movie and I absolutely loved it!

Another party song from one of my favorite movies!

So there's 8 of my favorite non-Kpop songs!

Thank you@MattK95 for the tag and thanks@jiggzy19 for the awesome playlist challenge idea! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed listening!

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