What to Wear to a Picnic in the Park... in 80 Degree Weather

Summer means lots of outdoor activities, from picnics to barbecues to walks in the park. On days where it's 80 degrees or more, this can sound fun in theory, but will be sweaty in practice. Here's what you should wear to stay cool and look hot.

If you don't want to look too girly... wear a t-shirt dress.

A short-sleeved (please no long sleeves) t-shirt dress is casual and cool for the summer. The short cut will keep it sexy, but you can dress it up with bold jewelry and statement sandals. Make sure the fabric is soft and comfy, and nothing too heavy or it will make you overheat.

If you want to look girly... wear a light and loose strappy maxi dress.

This is not the time to worry about whether your dress perfectly hugs your curves. The lightweight, looser option will keep you breezy while still looking feminine and summery. The long skirt is perfect for sitting in the grass, so that your bare thighs won't be visibly sweaty.

If it's just that hot... wear a bikini and swim cover-up.

Sometimes it's just too hot to sweat through your bra and multiple layers. Swimwear can definitely be appropriate for the park, but to keep it looking modest enough for a daytime picnic, wear a coverup; a semi-sheer romper or strappy dress with peek-a-boo sides will do.

Do... Wear white.

Even if there's a breeze, or the sun is hiding between a cloud or two, never underestimate a black garment's ability to absorb any any and all sun. If you're sitting outside for more than ten minutes, you'll turn into an oven. White is a summer staple for a reason; it looks fresh and cool and keeps you cool.

Don't... wear leather, pleather, or suede.

leather for summer

Don't... wear any shoes that aren't sandals.

Your feet desperately need to breathe on days like today. So maybe those booties really add an edge to that t-shirt dress, or even just flats will add polish to that maxi, but now is not the time. Statement sandals can add an edge or some polish, too; you don't need to wear flip-flops, but please keep your feet cool to keep yourself cool.

Do... wear a hat.

Whether you see the fedora as a friend or foe, there are other styles you can try, from a floppy felt hat to a straw sunhat. A wide brim will bring you instant shade, keep the sun off your face (so you don't need to cake on sunscreen), and will add some polish to your pretty picnic outfit on top of that.

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