Taking Things Up A Notch: Introducing The Undercut

A lot of women have been taking things up a notch when it comes to their hair.

How bold are you when it comes to your hair? If you're not familiar with the undercut, allow me to introduce you. The undercut was once a hairstyle that men wore, but we couldn't let them hog such an awesome style all to themselves -- it wouldn't be right. As of late, the undercut has been a go-to trendy style that many women have been embracing.

A mix of edgy and artsy, this style is when a bottom portion of your hair is cut very low and the remainder of your hair is left long. Sounds pretty amazing, right? If you don't have the cuts to go 'under', at least these photos will allow you to live vicariously through those brave souls who live on the wild side when it comes to their hair.

Undercut With Designs: An undercut is already a daring hairstyle.

Be daring and add a little more excitement to your look by throwing in some cool designs.

The Mushroom Undercut: Apparently history and hair repeats itself.

I wasn't too sure this style would make a comeback, but it did. The mushroom cut was extremely popular in the 90's and now you can spot some of your favorite celebs debuting their undercuts via the mushroom.

The Mohawk Featuring The Undercut: We are all familiar with the mohawk and believe it or not, it's a variation of the undercut.

If you want to rid yourself of not only the back portion of your hair -- go all out and shave your sides. Who said you can't be feminine while rockin' a mohawk? Kelly Osbourne clearly proved that was a lie.


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