This Day In Sports History: Landon Donovan buries Algeria

Five years ago today, soccer in the United States was born.

It's one of the most memorable moments in my life as a sports fan. In need of a win against Algeria not only to continue their efforts at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa but also to catapult the sport's growth into the forefront of the American imagination, the Yanks left it to real late in the match. Landon Donovan delivered in a big, big way.

wantedThe pressure was on

there's the goal itself: it was freaking awesome

celebration by the players

memorablecall by the announcer

The 2010 Cup didn't end as well as the Americans hoped, as they crashed out in the first knockout round to Ghana (perennial American enemies on the soccer pitch), but it did so much to spur the explosion of U.S. interest in soccer that we've seen in the past few years.

I remember watching the game with my brother at home. It's definitely one of those events that I will forever remember where I was for... what about you? Any memories from the match?

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