Cute and simple

Cute little design I did on my sisters nails.

All you need is hot pink and red nail polish and green, white, and purple nail art polish. To get a brighter color use a baby pink as a base color and then just put the other colors on top.

1) paint all nails with baby pink 2) once it dries, paint all except the ring finger the hot pink and let dry 3) paint ring finger red 4)use green to make the stem of the flower starting from the outside bottom corner of the thumb nail and go about half way across diagonally 5) use purple to make a flower 6) take purple and make diagonal mark on all other nails going same way as flower stem( except ring finger. That one use white to make a stripe and then a thin green line at bottom of white. the purple goes opposite way of the others one this nail) 7) use green to make a thin line at bottom of purple on ALL nails. 8) let dry completely and put clear coat on(optional) and enjoy your new nails.

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