Apparently, Square is the New Round!

1907 Square Thermal Brushes

The ionic brush features a square shape barrel that allows for one stop blow dry styling. Depending on the positioning of the brush, you can achieve three different looks: sleek and straight, loose waves, or tight curls. The barrel is also coated with ceramic which is great for high heat resistance. Another thing to note is the rippled ionic nylon bristles have a slight waved or rippled texture to them which aids again in the tension and grip of the hair.

Overall, this is a unique and innovative brush. Currently, it comes in three sizes:

2" small - perfect for bangs and short hair

2.5" medium - the most versatile one, great for any hair length.

2.75" large - great for long hair that needs volume and movement

If you're looking to invest in a new brush that gives you the salon blowout look, this one is very promising.

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