Quick & Easy: Boiled Chicken Breast

Usually when I am on my health kick, I don't eat for taste. I focus on feeding what my body needs. One of my favorite food item would be boiled chicken breast. It's healthy, easy, and quick to prepare. If you can't stomach plain chicken, add some of your favorite spices. Salsa works too. Me and ketchup are besties, so I usually just dip these slices in ketchup and sprinkle a generous amount of cayenne pepper. Yasss give it to me HOT!

What You'll Need

-Chicken breasts -A large pot -Water

How To Make It

The awesome thing about boiled chicken, is that you can use it with anything. You can pair it with vegetables, dip it in a sauce, add it into a sandwich, use it for pasta, or add it to a 8-egg omelette and handle that protein like a boss.



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