The Half Up, Half Down: Ariana Grande Inspired Hairstyle

It's been around for as long as you can remember and now it's made a comeback thanks to Ariana Grande.

Although many are on the fence about how mature the style may be, we can all agree that the half up, half down style is easy, simple and fun. Remember your mom doing this hairstyle for you when you were growing up? It wasn't too childlike, but it wasn't too mature -- somewhere in between the two. You knew you were cute and you can still have that same feeling by donning this hairstyle again twenty some years later.

If you thought high school girls and Ariana were the only ones rockin' this do', you're in for a surprise. It's not new, but it's making a comeback and you should jump on board with the trend. It's easy and can be either casual or dressed up if presented correctly. For some extra edge and chic'ness, throw the top half of your hair in a cute little bun -- if you choose. Otherwise, grab a brush, a hair twist and get to working on your hair.

Step #1: Section off your hair. Follow up by grabbing the top portion of your hair.

Step #2: Taking the top portion of your hair sectioned off, put a hair twist around it leaving the bottom portion left completely out. Style to your liking.

Short Hair: You don't have to have long hair to recreate this look.

As long as your hair is long enough to put half of your hair up, you're good to go. Achieving this look with shorter hair is just as simple and fun.

Adding Details: Add a pretty clip to bring some life to the look.

You don't have to throw on a bow or headband like Ariana, but a simple gold clip works just fine giving your look chic appeal and just enough spice.

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