What the Fandom?! Teen Wolf Shipping Explained

Fanlore"the act of supporting or wishing for a particular romantic relationship"


multishippers- they're dedicated to more than one coupleOTP (one true pairing)

Canon Ships

They're not solely subtextual, and don't thrive on speculation, because they're written into the main story

Fanon ships

it exists outside of the original media, exclusively as part of the fan communitya ship does not have to be canon to be embraced by fans


These rarepairs can be canonical or fanon, and are obscure because they're less popular among fans

NOTPs, Wrongships, and Enemyslash

They pair an antagonist or enemy with the hero, and see how that changes the relationship

Ship Wars

and it's actually been added to the OED

When in doubt, listen to Orlando Jones: ship who you like, and don't declare war.

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