Everyone in your life has a purpose.

We are placed in this world, but we are not alone. We are placed with what we call family. We are pretty much stuck with them. In the good times and bad as well. Your parents over all are our support. They guide us and look after us as well. They give us unconditional love and some are even more than just parents, some become your friends. Then of course some have siblings. Some are there to guide you as well when you shut down your parents. Some are their to accompany you in little adventures. Then you have “Friends” now some of them are their to teach you trust. Very few stay by your side for a very long time. And most stay there temporarily, those are the friends that teach you that you cant trust much. That only family is going to be there no matter what mistakes in life you make. Then there is people in general. They open your eyes to the world, they change your point of view, they can change your morals, they have a lot of power. You are only taught a little bit about life. By who? your parents, and they only teach you based on their experience. However, people in general might not speak much about life to you, but you sure do observe their life. they way they live it. You judge their decisions, and based on what you observe your personality starts to be created. you create yourself based on what you like or dislike about others, and that right there is a part of life.

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