Beachy Escort Cards DIY

Who else but Martha Stewart (and her team) would come up with this clever beach themed idea for escort cards?!

If you have a printer at home and access to a home improvement store, then this is an easy way to dress up the escort card table at your wedding reception.

For this diy, you need only a few things:

1 large round flat rimmed glass or acrylic bowl

Sand (don't steal from the beaches--buy it from a craft store)

1 bag of beach shells (don't steal from the beaches--buy it from a craft store)

1 gross (144) science flasks (made of glass or plastic, found at hobby stores or online)

1 gross (144) cork tops (found at home improvement/hobby stores or online)

Printed escort cards (that you can make yourself at home) Name on front, table on back.

Now the easy part:

Simply roll the individual escort cards, name facing out. Place in a flask and top with a cork. Arrange alphabetically in the sand haphazardly amongst the sand and seashells.

And you're done!

If you'd like to see more wedding ideas like that that you can do yourself, please let me know.

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