Understanding Split Ends and How to Prevent It

What is split ends?

When the strand of your hair is split in half or multiple layers it is called split ends.

What causes split ends?

Excessive use of heat, chemical, brushing, and ends rubbing against fabric.

There are many types of split ends. Identify what type of split ends you have by referring to the diagram above. Then learn about how split ends travel below.

Damaged hair

• Split ends and missing cuticle (circled in red)

Temporary* repair

• Split ends fix - silicones (green)

• Cuticle patching - conditioner (yellow)

• Temporary - all this stuff washes out

Damage is cumulative

• Split ends get larger, longer, and wider.

• Cuticle damage continues with time which means further damage to the shaft.

Once you reached the cumulative stage, the only method to repair is to cut the split ends off.

How to put an end to split end?

As you can see from the chart above, you have a choice to prevent and minimize split ends. Try to decrease use of direct heat, keep your ends away from fabric, let your hair down when you can, keep your ends moisturize, avoid using salt on your hair, and regularly trim 0.5cm to 1cm from your ends.

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