The Martini Diet?

This one broke my heart b/c I sincerely thought it meant drinking martinis (fav. beverage of choice). I mean, imagine breaking out your martini gear at work and proclaiming it as a dietary necessity. Touche diet plan, touche. No snacking on this one although you can get your one martini a day. You are also expected to eat portions no bigger than what fits into a three ounce martini glass. The diet pretty much requires you become a food snob. Here are the basic rules of the diet: Dieters are allowed to eat anything they like as long as it is of the highest quality and made from real ingredients. Each constituent in a meal must be able to fit into a 3 oz Martini glass. As an example when serving a meal of salmon, brown rice and asparagus the portion of each food should just reach the top of the glass. When dieters eat meals at restaurants Sanders advises eating only one third of what is on the plate and then taking the rest home to eat later. Snacking is to be strictly avoided because ‘it is not elegant’ and dessert should be limited to one bite only. Throughout the book dieters are continually reminded to avoid overindulgence in regard to food. Although the diet’s title may give the appearance of being clever way to justify a daily intake of Martinis, alcohol intake is limited on the Martini Diet. A glass of wine with dinner is allowed each day or one martini on occasion. Sample Diet Plan Breakfast Cafe latte Sour cream waffles Fresh strawberries Lunch 1/2 cup creamy vegetable soup 1 slice fresh baked bread Dinner 1 glass red wine Rib eye steak 1/2 cup garlic mashed potato 1/2 cup grilled vegetables 1 Lindt chocolate ball . Exercise Recommendations Dieters on this diet should not expect to be able to indulge in high calorie foods without also being involved in a vigorous exercise plan. ‘Elegant and graceful’ forms of exercise are suggested such as ballet, horseback riding, swimming, and ice-skating. Sex is also highly recommended as a form of exercise. Not sure if I want to laugh or cry about this diet.

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