Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Todrick Hall's 50s Musical Number

Joseph Grodon-Levitt and Todrick Hall dance battle it out in “What They Say” in this back-to-the-50s collaboration. The project screams brilliance, but completely disappoints. And while Joey looks good in his letter jacket, his voice is subpar.

Morgan Larson stars in the song, but her voice is a little high and whiny for my taste. It reminds me of something out of Hairspray, but a really cheesy and awful addition with “what’s the DEAL-AH” and “They might call me Cray-Cray.” Uhhh yuck.

Don’t get me wrong...I’m a musical GEEK. So stupid cheesy dance moves and over-acting is kinda my favorite things. But this is just way too much for my taste. If you are going to do a 50s-style cheesy song, you have to nail it with your clever lyrics and dance moves. I only saw a few.

So let’s erase that from our brain.

Let’s now reflect on a better Todrick Hall musical combination... the awesome release of the Spell Block tango. Combining Disney villains with Chicago.

Now this I can watch all day.

“Smile until you feel better. I call it Kimmying."
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