Japan’s Number 1 Oil Absorbing Sheet by Yojiya

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Yojiya was created in Kyoto in 1904. They were originally a toothbrush company, but they steadily changed directions to manufacture beauty products.It would not be an exaggeration to call this oil absorbing sheet “The best oil absorbing sheet in Japan”. Look at how well this one sheet takes off oil from someone’s face!

Yojiya carefully selects special pieces of paper to make into oil absorbing paper. With those pieces of paper, they use a machine which stamps gold into sheets. By doing this, it loosens the fibers of the paper and allows for more absorption and feels good on your skin.The oil absorption paper’s popularity stems from its passion to make it very high quality. By the way, the motif of the paper in the front is a hand glass. This takes the concept of “Yojiya’s Face” literally, and is widely accepted.


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