Weekend Lookbook: Victoria's Secret Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Happy Friday! Anyone going out this weekend? If yes, you're in luck because I'm about to share a quick weekend beauty look inspired by Victoria's Secret 2014 runway show. So scroll down for a quick run through of how to style your hair and do your makeup the VS way.

Loose Tousled Waves

Have fun this week and add some gorgeous waves to your locks with this fun tutorial using velcro rollers. It doesn't take long to end up with a full body of soft curls.

Victoria's Secret Eye Makeup

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or love going glam you'll want to try these styles. I combine two of my favorite day and night look to give you some inspiration.

The one on the left is not dramatic and has a more natural look to it. Wearing it during the day will give you the perfect glam eye under the sunlight.

The one on the right is gorgeous for an evening out. The perfect cat eye and sultry smokey eye combination can add some drama looking too heavy. If it's too dark you can tone it down with a lighter eyeshadow color scheme.

This last eye tutorial is from VS's offical beauty lab page. The bombshell look is another one of my favorite. The light, shimmery eye makeup is also suitable look for a day out on the beach. You'll see what I mean once you watch the tutorial.

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