Eyebrows On Fleek: Tips For Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded

For those who think childbirth is the most painful thing you'll experience in life, you've probably never gotten your eyebrows threaded.

Yes, the idea of someone threading your eyebrows sounds extremely scary -- trust me, it is, but the finished product is so worth it. If you think eyebrow waxing has your eyebrows on fleek, just wait until you get your brows threaded.

Take my word when I say the outcome is beautiful. Your eyebrows will be snatched and they will last for weeks, opposed to getting your eyebrows waxed and they start sprouting back a week later. Beauty is pain, right? If you're about that life and want your eyebrows to look immaculate, skip the waxing and go get threaded. Here a few tips you should follow before and during your threading appointment.

They say pleasure is pain.

But, if you happen to have an intolerance for pain -- it may be in your best interest to pop a pill or two to numb the pain.

Make sure you specify how you want your brows threaded.

Be specific. Communication is always key. These are your eyebrows you're dealing with.

Unlike waxing, when it comes to threading you will be asked to lend a hand.

Don't worry you won't be doing any strenuous work.

Once your brows are done being threaded and are officially fleek-y, you will be asked what product you would prefer to be used to soothe and calm your eyebrows.

Choose which product you think will best suit you.

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