DIY two-toned denim shorts

"Hey Wanderer."

Step 1 — get the shorts

clothing store

Step 2 — prepare the bleach and dip the shorts

stain and ruin everythingat all

Dip the shorts about halfway into the bleach solution and let them sit there for 20-30 minutes (or until the shorts are the desired wash). You can use clothespins to pin the top of the shorts so that the entire pair of shorts doesn't fall into the solution.

Step 3 — Dry the shorts

by themselves

Step 4 — wear the shorts or add designs

After you dry the shorts for a second time, you are done with the two-toned dyeing process. You can draw designs on them (with a fabric marker) or dye them another color and make three-toned shorts. It's totally up to you!


Walk just like the Queen Bey in your new shorts!

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