The Disappearing Act: How To Make Your Lipstick Last

Dear Lipstick,

I take my time putting you on in the morning, making sure my lips are defined and fully covered. I spend money on you monthly that I honestly should be saving, but you're so worth the splurge. You help pull any look together and I thank you for that, but there's one issue we must discuss. You don't last long enough throughout the day. I find myself reapplying you two or three times daily and it can become rather exhausting. Why must you leave me hanging every single day? I thought we shared a special bond, but I must have mistaken you for my chap stick.

If you're going to do something I expect you to do it whole heatedly. For something to be so expensive, I would expect you to follow through -- you know? We've had this discussion before and things don't quite seem to be improving, so I've come up with some rules -- or to make things more comfortable, we will call them tips. These tips will hopefully result in you sticking around longer and living up to your full potential. We've been in this relationship for far too long for you to start acting up all of a sudden. Now I know you rather play by your own rules, but these tips listed guarantee long lasting lipstick throughout the day.




If you're constantly reapplying your lipstick, these tips are especially for you.

Tip #1: Start off your morning routine by exfoliating your lips.

This will ensure smooth, soft lips -- especially perfect for a matte lip.

Tip #2: After exfoliating your lips, use a primer for your lips -- as you would your face.

Follow up by putting on some form of lip balm.

Tip #3: To make sure the true pigment of your lipstick stands out, add some concealer or foundation to your lips.

This will erase any color that may take away from the lip product you'll be using.

Tip #4: Line your lips giving a color your lipstick a color to balance off of.

Follow this step by adding the lipstick of your choice.

Tip #5: To make sure that your lipstick stays put throughout the day, add some translucent powder to your lips to create lasting power.

Add a touch more of lipstick and voila!

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