Fake Fishtail Braid ♡

These 2 super cute hairstyles are waaayyy easier than they look ! & it doesn't take long at all:) I love doing cute hairstyles like this because it looks so beautiful & you can totally have your hair like this for any occasion:) Try this hairstyle out & Enjoy !♡

So first things first always brush your hair out so there are no knots:) Then, take 2 strands of hair from the front sides and braid them. You can do french braid, dutch braid, fishtail, or whatever other one you want to do it is your choice!:) You can also pull on the sides for a more thicker looking braid (i show the difference in the picture) I went ahead & decided to do dutch braids because that is my favorite♡

Get one braid from either side and put it across the back of your head & bobby pin it. Then grab the other one and put that one either under or above the first one & bobby pin that one as well. I put mine above:)

Now for this part you are going to get 1 strand of hair from each side & tie them together with an elastic band :) Make sure to pull on it (second picture) to tighten it up & make it higher.

To get this look I did 6 of them:) To get the other look just continue on doing it until the very end :) Hope you all try this out !:) Enjoy it ! ♡♡

Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair♡
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