So the other night I stayed up to watch a live stream of MCountdown because I wanted to watch BTS's first stage of 쩔어. I was enjoying all of the performances before them since they were performing pretty late in the show and I wasn't really paying attention until this performance starts:

That beatboxer ripped right into the song and I about died! I am such a sucker for a capella anything and I was so excited to see a KPop group do it. I did some searching on them and only found their YouTube channel, and oh my god they're like an all-female Korean Pentatonix. Here's another performance from them:

They even have a video teaching you about ways to protect yourself from contracting MERS:

There's next to nothing on the internet about these girls (besides a few of their videos that have their names in them) so I also know next to nothing, but they're so talented I just wanted to share them with you guys!

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