WTF Muppet Babies

This was disturbing to read b/c I thought about these things as a child, but never explored it further. Lots of questions left unanswered, much like all of my childhood. haha. 6 Weird Issues from Muppet Babies: 1. Why did we never see Nanny's face? What was wrong with it? 2. It was a Spinoff from one of the Muppet Movies, from a dream sequence? wow, a staple from my childhood was based on a dream sequence. 3. What the heck happened to Skeeter? She was Scooter's twin sister, but she doesn't exist when they grow up in the movies. Did she tragically die during their teen years? 4. Are they orphans or just constantly under the care of Nanny? I don't think they ever mention their parents. Even wikipedia makes a point about this: “The whereabouts of their parents are never addressed,” 5. Why are Uncle Statler and Uncle Waldorf faces shown in the Muppet Babie universe and why are they nice? Shouldn't they suffer from nanny syndrome? 6. What exactly are they and are their parents human? I mean, is Nanny even human? I am terribly confused about it all. Read more about this here:

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