Kpop Bias Wreckers Challenge

so I am finally doing this challenge but my bias list is long sorry

and some I strated loving from their characters in korean then following them and finding their contribution in Kpop some of these stars actually introduce me to KPOP

so without any further due lets continue

Ok Taechyon 2pm

His Abs and His Goofynees :D

him in Dream High <3

Shinee Minho

Him in 2 the Beautiful you

MinHyuk Cnblue

Him in Heirs and Heartstrings

D.O in Exo He was the first one I notice in all Exo Members

Infinite L

i just love him because Infinite is Love <3 lol :D

him in Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Bts V and BTS Jin it was hardest for me to pick a bias in BTS

After really trying I think I have a soft spot for Bts V and BtsJin

GD BigBang yes i am a huge fan of GD i love and admire him

And Micky Yoochun JYJ


this list might be long but i hope you like this cards :)

I m here to entertain u all and myxzelf :) Enjoy like my fb page https://
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Love Love LOVE

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