Staying happy in school

Whether it's high school, college, or even middle school, times do get difficult and keeping your happiness is key. Though it seems impossible to remain thrilled through endless hours of schoolwork, it's very important to have a stable mindset. Often, American students have clinical and severe depression which can lead to detrimental illness, both physical and mental, or even suicide. Schoolwork is hard and tiresome, and finding something to keep your mind healthy is a task more difficult than most expect but here are some tips to finding your own joy. 1. Discover a hobby. The obvious one, find an activity to occupy your free time that you enjoy and take advantage of this occupation while stressed or nervous. Studies prove that engaging in an activity you truly enjoy reduces stress immensely and encourages happier emotions. 2. Find love in someone. Whether it's a significant other, a family member, or a pet of any kind, you need love in your life. Your emotions and mind are valuable in states of pressure which occur most often while in school. Keeping your mind positive with love and support from individuals reduces risk of suicidal thoughts and acts of self destruction. It is so SO important that you find love in at least one person or thing. For certain people, often introverts, finding love in books or physical items can work wonders as well as with a human being. What ever you find love in, pursue it and hold it close. 3. Worry, but don't worry. If you know you are a person who always gets things done (sometimes sooner than later), try not to worry as much. Be confident in the fact that you know the task will be finished by the due date unless other arrangements can be made. But do not be lazy. Don't take advantage of the confidence, know you will need to get this task done, but do take your time. The best things are never rushed. The slower you finish something, sometimes the better the result, as long as in the end it is completed. 4. Sleep responsibly. You know your body and your sleep patterns. You know how much you need to be active and functional. But let yourself slide occasionally. If you know you have no plans the next day, stay up all night and sleep in. It is good for your health to switch things up and will be beneficial to your moods if you do something out of your normal routine but still enjoy what you were doing. 5. And finally, smile, laugh, and enjoy your time in school. No matter how hard it gets, just know it will get easier. You're only in school for a quarter of your life, so use that time to prepare yourself for the amazing things you want to continue to pursue later in life. Remember, things can't get better until they've hit rock bottom because from there things can only go up. Never give up hope, and never give up on yourself. Many people depend on you, including strangers. Perhaps a classmate secretly looks forward to seeing you in class just to see your smile or hear or laugh because they genuinely enjoy seeing another person happy. You never know how important you are to everyone around you. (:

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