Why You SHOULDN'T Shower with Makeup On

To all the acne suffers out there, jumping into the shower with your makeup on is actually bad for your skin. Why?

First of all, hot, moist air aggravates acne. It causes the skin to swell in response to the excess heat and water content in the air. If you have a habit of showering for a long time, your pores are more likely to clog as any surface debris on the skin is trapped inside the pore. Having makeup melt off your face does not count as a proper cleanse.

What about the facial steam treatments that claims to open pores for cleansing?

During facial steaming session, estheticians performs a surface cleanse before steaming your face. A steaming session usually last for 10 minutes or less (depending on skin sensitivity). In generally, hot water is not good for the skin. It can cause broken capillaries. One important thing is the real benefit of steaming the face is to prepare the skin for extractions—not to just open pores or even to exfoliate any better.

Therefore, without extraction, steaming will only irritate acne-prone skin.

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