Burritos, Tacos, or Both?

What with marriage equality passing only two days prior to the NYC Pride Parade, I was ready for the most insane parade ever. And Pride 2015 defiantly delivered. Over the course of several hours (thats right over 7 hours) proud marchers walked the route in heels and ass-less chaps throwing everything from condoms and lube to support bracelets with information about HIV/AIDS.

Chipotle might have casually orchestrated the best marketing campaign I have ever seen.

With just those two buttons Chipotle was able to encompass every person at the Pride Parade, gay, straight, bi and everything in between.

And whats better, the brown cardboard with the button wouldn't even be tossed on the ground, littering the streets! They offered a buy 1 get 1 free burrito, burrito bowl or tacos with each coupon.

Which means that Chipotle was able to make a dirty joke and then totally get hundreds of people to pay $9 for some dinner rather then the $5 they would normally pay for street food.

Rock on Chipotle, because that was amazing. I don't even like you and I still got a burrito that was bigger then my head, while wearing your button.

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