An American in Paris: Ballet is the New Sexy

It’s a Sunday evening and your mom is in town. She wants to see a Broadway show, and you know that while Book or Mormon, or Wicked are always crowd pleasers, you want to take her to something different. A romantic show. A stunning show. I show that’s a musical and a ballet and an orchestra all wrapped up in one. Well, the best show for you to see in An American In Paris.

This musical, based off the 1951 movie starting Gene Kelly was adapted this year and converted into the most magical non-trip trip to Paris. This stunning show won the Tony for Best Scenic Design, Best Lighting, Best Orchestration, and Best Choreography. And with a Gershwin-created musical score, you can never go wrong.

You’d probably recognize the show classics like, “'S Wonderful” “But Not For Me” and “They Can’t Take that Away from Me.” It’s like falling in love with a place but also about falling in love with love.

The show itself is essentially about three good friends (two former WWII American soldiers) that decide to stay in Paris for their art. One is a painter, one a composer and pianist, and one a wealthy singer. The three end up connected to a famous ballet show where they all fall for the prima ballerina, Lise. The three artists create art inspired by her beauty and she becomes their muse...Honestly it could’ve been a musical about my life (ha ha ha I wish).

Though Lise is adored by three men, the chemistry between the guy she truly loves is easy to pick out. Lise is drawn passionately and emotionally to the handsome American soldier, Jerry.

Jerry Mulligan who is played by Robert Fairchild spectacularly lifts and moves the Lise Dassin played by Leanne Cope. And Leanne Cope (a classically trained ballet dancer) made her broadway debut playing Lise, and there’s no stopping her now. The dancers were the clear stars of the show. Ballets exploded the show. It’s sexy and the chemistry is clearly there throughout that show.

The other star of the show? Adam Hochberg played by Brandon Uranowitz. The show opens with him narrating the story of how three good friends fell for the same girl, and being one of the three men, seamlessly floats into the story as the composer.

Uranowitz sings the tragic song “But Not for Me.” about not getting the girl and being along. I sank into my chair and I cried into my sippy cup of wine. Perhaps I resonated with this character more than the dream-like lovebirds dancing across the stage.

Or perhaps I connected with Adam’s lesson at the end of the musical: The world is already a dark place. If you have the ability to create something that makes people happy: Do it. Art is to make the world a better place. So start creating.

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