How to remove chewing gum from clothes

As a frequent rider of mass transit, the chewing gum on clothes catastrophe is a real everyday possibility (and yes, it has happened to me before). It's horrible and gross and ruins your clothes. But wait! It actually doesn't have to ruin your clothes (or your day). There is an easy trick to remove that disgusting blob of gum!


Yes, it sounds weird, but it really works! All you need to do is rub a piece of ice on the gum. Try to make the gum as cold as possible. This will make it hard so that it is easier to scrap off of the fabric.

After the gum is sufficiently cold, take a butter knife and delicately scrap the hardened gum off of your clothes. The ice trick also works with gum on furniture and in hair. Don't let someone else's disgusting habit of leaving gum on surfaces ruin any more of your clothes!

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