3 Exercises For Impressive Biceps

When it comes to bicep curls, there are different ways of doing it. You can do them sitting down, standing up, or while dancing to merengue. There are so many variations to the bicep curl, and each of them will benefit you in different ways.

When I started working out, hitting biceps were my things. My flabby arms transformed into lean-strong-curling-machines.

I remember the day when I started curling 25lbs dumbbells. :')


Ready, set, CURL!


Barbell Bicep Curl

I find these way funner than your typical dumbbell curls. Since you're using a barbell, you'll be using more weight than you would for one dumbbell.

1) You'll do this exercise standing up, holding barbell shoulder-width. The palm of your hands should be facing you.

2) You can either have your foot placement shoulder-width, or even closer than that. You want to make sure that you're not using your body to swing the barbell. If it's too heavy, lower the weight. You want to have control of the movement. Only your forearms should be moving.

Seated Concentration Curl

Alright ladies and gents, these are a bit more difficult to do -- since you're not relying on your body at all to help execute the movement.

1) Sit on a flat bench, with knees positioned outward.

2) Use your arm to pick the dumbbell up. Place the back of your upper arm on the top of your inner right thigh. Rotate the palm of your hand until it is facing forward away from your thigh.

3) As you continue with the movement, your biceps should be fully contracted and the dumbbells are at shoulder level. Only move your forearms.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

1) Stand up. Have the palms of your hands facing your torso/ each other.

2) Keep your upper arms stationary and elbows stationary, only move your forearms.

3) Lift the dumbbells up to your shoulders. You shouldn't turn your wrists or the dumbbells.

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