Sone should read this,,..I`m tearing up..wanna cry..

[Trans] 121223 Touching fan acc: "They recorded 8 times for the last 4 songs, Our girls did not have meal and were feeling so hungry that they were dying, By then they already sang about 15 songs, it was obvious that they were exhausted and tired, but they asked SONE if we had meal, we said no and they were worried. They kept telling us 'after this performance you all can eat your meal, come back after eating' TTTTTTTTT All thanks to our girls, SONEs' lives were extended TTTTTTTTTT" Got new info..seems like the recording end for 22hours only for few hours broadcast.salute.anyone would be crazy enough not to admire them. ;

Busy with the sleeping comes first..then studying comes last.. LOVE KPOP..SNSD,2NE1,TVXQ,EXO,etc...
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