Caitlyn Jenner takes NYC by storm!

Caitlyn Jenner is strikingly gorgeous!

She's the 'new normal' and everyone in NYC is eating it up. She's more fashionable than ever and her outfits are flawless. I just can't get over how great her clothes look. She's been partying it up in NYC for Pride Weekend and she's a stunner. She took a night on the town in her Herve Leger black bandage dress with black pumps and minor accessories. Her hair is looking very voluminous as well. I'd say she's finally feeling like she's in her own skin.

Girls just wanna have fun!

Jenner took to celebrate with her dear friends. They are also trans women as well and Jenner feels very happy to be surrounded by those who can relate by so much. Candice Cayne is one of Jenner's closest friends and it seems like Jenner's black dress is her staple! It's spectacular.

Jenner's caption read : "Such a fun dinner w/ this powerful group of trans women. They are all so beautiful."

Can we say adorable!?

Everyone was so excited to see Jenner come to NYC for the parade and multiple after parties. She came to celebrate in the very LGBT-friendly neighborhood, Chelsea, in Manhattan. I personally am really enjoying watching Caitlyn become a new icon for the Trans community! It's really amazing what an impact she will make on today's trans youth. Jenner has admitted to stealing some of Kim Kardashian's clothing but I think Caitlyn has it all figured out now.

Keep rocking on, Caitlyn!

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