Oh, No She Didn't: Four Major First Date Makeup Fails

Dates can be extremely intimidating, primarily first dates.

First impressions are everything, especially when you're into a special someone. You try your best to make the perfect impression, but sometimes you can go a little overboard and end up looking extremely foolish if you're not careful.

The anticipation is real and you're contemplating what look to go for. Questioning your choice of makeup while questioning your sanity -- you're bound to drive yourself crazy. It's always best to keep things simple when it comes to first dates, but sometimes you're so eager to make a good impression you end up overthinking.


Don't let doing your makeup be a drag because you'll end up looking like a 'drag queen' and that's probably not what your date signed up for -- at least I hope not.

Take my advice and whatever you do, don't fall victim to these four major first date makeup fails. You can thank me once you score that second date.


Perfect Foundation Match: Your foundation should match your complexion perfectly and make sure you blend it well.

Of course, your face will be the focal point the entire date -- let's at least hope so. If he's focused on everything but your face, you skipped a step. Don't blame your foundation faux pa on the bad tan you got done last week, he will notice.


Keep The Eye Shadow And Blush Neutral: Brown and peachy tones are always a plus.

It's best to stick to neutral tones when it comes to eye shadow and blush on the first date. Stray away from bright colors. You don't want your date to feel like he's at dinner with a clown.


Excessive Eyelashes: Believe it or not, men do notice your eyes.

Whether you have naturally long lashes or you're relying on your selfies for the night, don't over do it. Keep it simple and natural looking. They will definitely notice and all eyes will be on you -- literally.


Less Is More: A little bit of lipstick goes a long way.

We've all made the mistake of wearing a bright color lipstick on a date and after a juicy kiss, he's also wearing traces of your lipstick. If you plan on locking lips with lover boy, make sure you don't go over board with your lipstick and keep the color subtle.

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