A Bit Of Cleaning For The Soul

I love to clean. It's my thing. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I look at the results. Before I was married, I was the one who cleaned at home...I was praised for it. I was not allowed to cook there, but when the cooking and meals were done, the kitchen was my domain. My sister, her children and my mother would leave the house in disaster and when they arrive my sister would comment that she came home to a different place and my heart would swell with pride. Me and my husband had to move to the city for his job and it's a great discouragement for cleaning as it is crazy dusty. The place would be covered with dusty as soon as I finish cleaning. The place looks deserted if I reject cleaning for a week. I feel into depression since lately because I'm unemployed and my husband's pay finishes on pay day. The level of stress kept me down in the dumps and not wanting to do anything in the house. I resorted to cooking and washing only for the sake of my husband. But today I forced myself to get up and cleaned the room. I swept and wiped from furniture to floor. When I was done I felt great! The room felt and looked lighter and brighter!! And best of all my mood is improved 100%. So when you're feeling blue and don't know what to do (that rhymed... lol), get up and clean. Change the room. Make your room/environment comfortable. Or just do something around the house that makes you feel accomplished.

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