If I Had To Live Without K-Pop (Playlist Challenge part 2)

Here goes the second part of my playlist ^^



20. Landy Wen - Fly With Me

The title track from a current Taiwanese drama "Murphy's law of Love" which I might add I am loving every single minute of, I reccomend it to anyone, It's so awesome, a bit like this song is, I am in love with this song, Check it out, you won't be dissapointed ^^

21. Ayumi Hamasaki - Last Minute

I Love Ayumi Hamasaki so much!!! I wasn't expecting the point in this song where the electric guitars kick in, but I still really enjoyed it :) This MV also has one of the coolest uses of lighting I have ever seen, just watch it you'll see what I mean ^^

22. Da Mouth - Swag (Warning lotta booty...)

My favorite Taiwanese group ^^ First I would like to apologise for the amount of... booty shaking in this MV, if you can get past that it's a pretty awesome song! Plus the stylistic use of the color pop against a black and white background is so cool!!!

23. Andrew Tan - Imperative (Feat. Bii)

I found this song on iTunes thanks to@jiggzy19 who introduced me to Bii, I love this song so much, you guys are really missing out if you haven't heard Bii or Andrew Tan before.

24. Weibird Wei - Mask

Ok so when I first watched this MV I was a little confused, but after watching it a few times I came to this understanding:

All the different people you see the main girl with, are all meant to represent a different "Mask" or persona that he uses to portray himself as perfect infront of the girl he likes, at the end of the MV, he finally decides to take off the "Masks" and let her know who he really is...

I really like this song, and am currently wondering why it is not on my iPod... (I don't know why but this guy reminds me of a cross between Wu Yi Fan and Eric Nam XD)

25. Hebe Tien - Insignificance

Well this MV certainly qualifies as artistic, something about this song is almost entrancing... Or maybe it's just the fact I think she's really pretty XD Sort of a strange song, but I still really enjoy it :)

26. Jay Chou - Rhythm of the Rain

Not gonna lie guys, got a little bit teary during this song... All I'm going to say is I really love this song, and this MV is really sweet :)

27. Hari Won - Hương Đêm Bay Xa

And now I am going to introduce you to a few awesome V-Pop (Vietnamese Pop) songs 3 to be exact XD

I love this song, definitely one of my favorite V-Pop songs ^^ Thankyou@jiggzy19 for showing me this :)

28. MIN from ST. 319 - Y.Ê.U (EDM Version)

This song is so cool! I really enjoy everything about this, not sure what else to say other than the fact I love her purple hair :D I hope you like it :)

29. MIN from St. 319 - Shine Your Light (Feat. Justatee)

This song came out 3 days ago, and I fell in love with it the moment I heard it, Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves this ^^

30. Wang Leehom - Cracked Heart

Well this is my final song, I could have done many many more, but unfortunately time is a factor, and it's getting rather late... Anyway I hope you enjoy this song, It's another one of those songs I find so entrancing to listen to, I find myself playing it over and over while lost in thought XD Oh and I like his shoes... I need a pair of those lol

Well that is it for my Non-Kpop playlists I will have the new challenge posted soon^^

Let me know what you thought of these songs :)

Credit to the owners of these music videos!!!


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