Jampong...you gotta love it. Especially if you like seafood.

I have been craving this for so long. Finally got all the ingredients pulled together. Heaven for your mouth...right here.

Here's a recipe I self- adapted from a lovely lady on youtube called Maangchi. She has wonderful Korean recipes if you are interested in trying some out. JJAMPPONG (SEAFOOD SOUP) 짬뽕 You can put in any of the following: pork, shrimp, mussels, squid FOR THE SOUP: garlic, ginger, vegetable oil, oyster sauce, Fish sauce, hot pepper flakes, leeks, carrot, green onions, onion, white mushrooms, bamboo shoots, chicken broth, dried anchovy, dried kelp, shitake mushrooms. To prepare: Pork: 1/4 cup per serving. cut into skinny strips Squid: cut shallow criss-cross grid pattern in the squid and then cut into bite sized pieces about 2" square. Shrimp: cut in half. Use about 3-4 shrimps per person. Clams/mussels:pre-cooked and cleaned. Napa cabbage/cabbage: use about 1/2 cup leaves per serving. Cut into about 3" pieces. Leeks, green onion, onion, chives: a handful of each. Cut leeks and green onions in 3" pieces and onion cut in half and slice into half moons rings. Chives are garnish for soup bowl ( can be diced up small or left in long strips). 2 cloves Garlic/1 teas. Ginger: mince together use 1-1/4 teaspoons per serving. Boiling water for Noodles: can use jjajjangmyeon noodles. Mix 1-1/2 T. hot pepper flakes and 1 T. Veg. Oil. PREP: In a deep fry pan saute garlic and ginger until golden brown on low heat. Add strips of pork. Then add veggies one at a time. Add pepper and oil mixture. Add seafood. Add broth 5-6 cuts. Add mussels. Put noodles in boiling water and cook until just tender. To soup add 1 tablespoon oyster sauce and 1 tablespoon fish sauce. Scoop off any foam on the surface of your soup. Serve over noodles with chive garnish.

I am trying to satisfy my curiosity about everything Korean. That is why I love this app. So much info to take in.
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