The hope of Bangtan Boys. The happy virus of the group. The lead rapper, main dancer, who wanted to become a singer. Nothing is too far out of his reach, lol especially Jungkook, V, and Jimin. Namjoon (Rapmonster) even said what brings him up is J-hope (Hoseok). There has been many tears that he and BTS have shed; during their 1st win, his birthday, before debut, etc. but this boy will always be smiling. Hoseok-ah! You're our very own happy hope! ♡

I eat, I sleep, I fangirl // A Kpop fan and anime fan. Being multi-fandom is the best! I welcome thee with open arms! Ultimate Group - SUJU & SHINee UB - Donghae (SUJU) Favorite anime by far are HxH, FMA, AGK, 1PM and more.
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