My goodness, the Mets suck

I don't even really want to get into last night's debacle against the Cubs, a 2-0 loss in 11 innings, in any more detail than that. I'm getting right to the punchline.

The Mets fucking suck, man.

Young Boy's Buoyancy:

We can't forget how outstanding this pitching staff has been. In the last 12 games (the Mets are 4-8 in that span), the Mets have allowed only 21 runs. They've allowed more than 2 runs just three times. And they've lost 8 of those games! It's just not fair to the staff. Give them a break.

Drunken Fan's Despair:


Zero runs in 11 innings last night! Zero runs in 9 the day before that! I've got to give it to them: the Mets lineup is great at one thing: lowering opposing pitchers' ERAs. They've got to be best in the league!


Darrell Ceciliani



See above, "Drunken Fan's Despair".

End of rant.

I have no answers. But, yet, I keep watching. So go figure.

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