Eat Stop Eat Diet

You do exactly what it says: for 24 hours you eat, then you don't eat for 24 hours, then you eat again for 24 hours. Basically, every other day you eat. Believe it or not, this one has been scientifically proven to work. There is no diet plan and you aren't really required to do exercise, but can do it on the days where you eat. The conclusion on this diet is that it is safe and works, as long as you do not overeat on the days you eat. If you have medical problems that require you to eat in order to maintain a daily balance, then this diet is not for you. The key to effortless weight loss is to mimic the dietary patterns of our ancestors by undertaking short but regular fasts. Fasting for short periods of time does not affect the metabolic rate. Scientific studies indicate that there is no reduction in metabolism after three days of fasting or when fasting every second day for at least twenty-two days. Dieters are advised to fast for 24 hours, at least once or twice a week and states that this will produce the same effects as an entire week of very strict dieting. Seems simple and easy enough. I think I will give it a try. I wonder if you can drink diet sodas on the days you fast?

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