Korean Vocab of the Day #4 "허리 아파요"(My back hurts)

< "Your body part" + 아파요 > : "Your body part" hurts.

1) 머리(가) 아파요: I have a headache.

2) 다리(가) 아파요: My leg hurts.

3) 팔(이) 아파요: My arm hurts.

4) 배(가) 아파요: I have a stomachache.

5) 마음(이) 아파요: My heart is aching.

The above clip is froom EBS program "글로벌 가족 정착기" which is about multi-cultural families who settled down in Korea. This very episode is about a Canadian man who came to Korea in 2001, settled down and them got married to a Korean lady in 2010. Their four children (yes, four!) are all adorable!! Enjoy this clip!

And to subscribe to EBS Documentary Youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFCtZJTuJhE18k8IXwmXTYQ. They have other series of 글로벌 정착기.

And for more vocab from this clip including '아이구 예뻐라', '집에오니 썰렁합니다', '난리가 났습니다, '엄마 보고싶어?', please visit http://www.laughingbeans.com/learn/class/188.

Happy to answer any questions!

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