Hello everyone!!!!

The third quarter has started (actually it started five days ago... sorry this is late T-T) and@kpopandkimchi isn't the moderator (0.0;) Say what?!

Well this quarter kimchi decided that she wanted to hand the baton over to someone else, namely me jiggzy^^

The first thing I would like to do is thank@kpopandkimchi for being such a fantasticly amazing moderator!!!! I only hope I can be half as good as you and make you proud Kimchi!!! <3 <3 <3

Meet ma crew!

(U-Kiss is not my crew... unfortunately :/)

Here they are in no particular order ^^

K-pop Greeter - Kimchi


Suga Mama - Erica


Community Journalist - Milira


Community DJ - Angie


Event Organiser - Matty or Matt


and then there's me

K-Pop Communty Moderator - Jinx or Jiggz


Feel free to contact any of us for any questions you might have about our community, or if you just want to talk to us, fangirl/fanboy, ask for reccomendations, and anything like that! none of us bite... I think... XD

Moving on to the next item on the agenda...



We want to know who you are :D... NOT in a creepy way, but we would love to know a little bit about you, and how you got into K-Pop ^^

Check out a couple of these introductions to see what other people have done for their intros

MattK95's intro (My big brother ^^)

danidee's freakin daebak intro

The always awesome B1A4BTS5ever's intro

xoxoaudra98's incredibly amazing intro

Chose these at random... :D

Hope to meet some more of you soon ^^

Listen up everyone... Class is in session

Here are just a few simple guidelines to keep our community running smoothly :D

1. The Three "Be"s

Be Responsible, Be Respectable, Be Nice

Vingle is about sharing things that you love with others, sometimes you might not like what someone else shares, if this is the case, please don't be mean. Having an opinion is fine :) but sharing your opinion with the purpose of being mean or rude, is never okay, if you have a problem with something someone has said or shared

(eg. irrelevant to the community, or offensive/inappropriate) talk to me or one of the staff about it K!? We'll be the ones to deal with it ^^

2. Posting cards

Not everyone in our community is here to post cards, but for those of us who do...

Please try not to post things that have already been posted multiple times, of course this is going to happen at times on accident, but if you know something has already been posted like 10 times already, maybe choose something else to share.

There are young eyes and ears in our community, so if you are going to post something that is not quite appropriate for younger viewers, make sure you put a warning on it please :)

If something doesn't belong to you remember to credit it's owners when you share it :)

(Example at the bottom of this card)

Pay special attention to the next rule please !



We're very proud of the fact that we are a fanwar free community, and I intend to keep it this way!

Any bashing of idols or fandoms, putting down of others for who and what they like, and any other forms of fanwar will not be tolerated, if you see someone violating this, please notify one of us staff members :) (Spread love not hate ^^)

4.Share the Love

Remember that if you like something posted here, you can clip it and like it as well as comment on it if you wish. All these things are very motivating and encouraging to those who do post, not to mention a really nice comment does wonders for the ego XD

Now that seriousness is over, lets all have fun in this awesome community!!!

K-Pop Community Guidelines Collection

Thanks for reading everyone!

I love you all



Do Not

Bye Bye~

Exclamation marks & emoticons!! ;) Let's be friends!! K?! (⌒▽⌒) One K-pop loving girl!!!! :D
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