Jamaican Terms for Any Exclamation

@danidee Some popular words and jargons used when something is sssooo funny, shocking or unbelievable and are lol(and the others used when something is funny),wtf and omg! The Jamaican dialect or Patios(pat-wa), is very colorful creative and is the best, shortest and easiest way for some of us to express ourselves. Here are some of them. There's a little bit of English mixed into some of them... raatid! mi raaw! baxide! a wah dis man!! no sah! raaaayyyyyy! (used to express approval or excitement) bombo/blood claat!! (considered a curse word) raas! (also considered curse words) wa d f#@% (wtf) I dono how much that can help or if you understand... comment below, let me kno

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