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Hi, My name Iesha Douglas I'm from USA I'm 15 years old I be 16 this year in august I love watching anime, reading manga's, drawing, watching k-drama's, chinese drama's, japanese drama's I love listening to kpop, jpop, jrock, reggae, philippines, latino, hip hop, rap, k-hip hop, thailand, chinese, africam, anime, r&b music's I want to visit/live in china, south korea (I'm scared to live or visit there), japan, thailand, philippines My Kpop Story (How I got into kpop) It started out that when I first watch anime I was like 5 or 6 years old then bout time I was like 13 or 14 I started to listen to anime, jpop, jrock music BoA was the first one I heard I first listen to the song called "Every Heart" by her I really love her songs but when I listen to some more songs about her I realizes that some of her songs wasnt in jpop so I look her up on google then came to find out that she was kpop I didnt know she was kpop I thought she was jpop but yeah I can actually tell that is jpop or kpop by listen to it The first ones I heard when I started listen to kpop - Big Bang - Sistar - Girls Generations (I'm not a big fan of them but I love their songs) - BAP - Red Velvet - F(x) - 4minute - 2ne1 - BTS - Got7 - Super Junior - Lip Service - T-ara - Kara - Beast - U-Kiss - ShiNee - Big Star - VIXX - Block B - BTOB - Se7en - Topp Dogg - SPY - AOA - EXID - EXO - High4 - Winner - MBLAQ - Boys in groove The first ones I heard now this year - Monsta X My favorite biases -Big Bang (The whole group but GD and Taeyang are my TOP biases) - BAP (Bang Yongguk and Zelo) - F(x) (Amber Liu) - 4minute (Hyuna) - 2ne1 (CL) - BTS (The whole group but Jimin, Suga, Rapmon are my TOP biases) - Got7 (The whole group but Jackson, BamBam, Mark, Jr. are my TOP) - Super Junior (The whole group) - Lip Service (The whole group) - T-ara (The whole group) - Beast (Lee Kikwang and Yosaeb I think I spell his name wrong) - U-Kiss (The whole group) - ShiNee (Taemin and jonhyung) - Big Star (The whole group but Feeldog are my TOP bias) - VIXX (Hyuk and N) - Block B (Zico) - BTOB (minhyuk, sungjae, hyunsik) - Se7en (hansol) - Topp Dogg (hansol and gohn) - AOA (jimin) - EXID (LE) - EXO (sehun, suhun, chen, xiumin, kris, kai) - High4 (Alex and Young Jun Yim) - Winner (Song Min Ho) - MBLAQ (Lee Joon) - Monsta X (Shownu, Kihyun, Jooheon, I.M) - boys in groove (The whole group but Heedo, J-Hoon, GookMinPyo are my TOP biases) - Jay Park - Dok2 I listen to K-Hip hop more I'm still listen to jpop and jrock but I cant listen to it much no more because Kpop took over me lol ^^ If you wanna be friends and chat with me you can add me/follow me: - Instagram: mimi_to_kawaii_girl - Snapchat: eshablue15 (my username) - kakaotalk: MinakoChanLee - Twitter: MimiKawaiiGirl - Line: Kikwang_Hyo_Soo - kik: JeonKimSoo - Facebook: Isoya Michiyo

Hi, My name is Iesha Douglas I'm from USA, Huntsville Alabama I'm am a shy, nervous, lovely, nice, caring girl I love watching anime, reading manga's, watching korean, japanese drama's I listen to Kpop, Jpop, Jrock, Filipino music, reggae music, african music, chinese music, thai music, and latino music I got into kpop when I was first first anime listen to BoA (if you know who she is) I thought she was Jpop but she was Kpop that's how I got into Kpop
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